What is the function of weight lifting blet?

J.D. Leather Goods could product various styles of belts, including weight lifting. Do you know the function of weight lifting belts?

A men using a lifting belt

Weight lifting belt is the protection tool for lifting weights or power lifting. In gym, we could see some people who are general fitness enthusiasts or wait injury using the weight lifting belt when they are in strength training in order to protect the waist.

The function of weight lifting belt

  1. The lifting belt increases intra-abdominal pressure by reducing the abdominal cavity, thus reducing the pressure on the lumbar vertebrae when lifting weight.
  2. Limit lumbar activity through the hardness and width of weight lifting belt. It will prevent from lumbar back super stretching and lateral bending in the process of lifting weights.

How to use weight lifting belt correctly?

  1. The weight lifting belt can be used appropriately when doing the great weight of squat, pull and barbell row lumbar under high load exercise. It is not necessary to use it when sitting or supine strength training and use every time. It can be used when making to the greater weight.
  2. Lose your belt rest to adjust the risen blood pressure when we have a rest.
  3. Try not to use lifting belt in the strength training if the people has an injury of lumbar spine. They should be targeted by practicing some strengthening transverse abdominal muscle, such as stable torso muscles, by inside and outside to protect our lumbar spine. However at the same time of strength training for light weight, they should know how to take the initiative to tighten stable torso muscles to alleviate the pressure of the lumbar spine.

So using the weight lifting belt reasonably can protect our lumbar well. And we also have produced some weight lifting belt. Such as JDMA15046.