What is the Different between Microfiber and Genuine Leather?

Today, the microfiber has been widely used in all areas of life, also gradually accepted by consumers. Though the microfiber is one of the best of artificial leather, however, which is the better between real leather and microfiber? What is the difference between microfiber and genuine leather? J.D. Leather will do the comparison for us.

Microfibe and genuine leather

The full name for microfiber is PU superfine fiber leather. Generally speaking, microfiber is composed by a layer of high performance PU (polyurethane resin) and superfine fiber wiki clothe laminating. Its structure is similar with genuine leather, and belongs to the third generation artificial leather. It is provided with excellent property.

Genuine leather is also called natural leather. Just as its name implies, genuine leather is made by animal skin. We usually use cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, etc., Of course, the precious leather - crocodile skin, ostrich skin, etc.

After clearing about the basic concept, let’s do some contrasts to the microfiber and genuine leather:

  1. Apperance: The microfiber is very close to genuine leather ( most of them are made by imitation leather). But when we compare carefully,the pores in genuine leather are much more clear, the texture in it is much more natureal; But microfiber is made by artificial skin with no pores and the texture is more consistent.And also, the low-end microfiber may has the plastic sense of touching.
  2. Weight: The proportion weight of genuine leather is 0.6 in general, while for microfiber is about 0.3-0.5 in general. That is to say, in the same condition, microfiber is much lighter than the genuine leather. For example,two bags with the same size and same apperance,we can distinguish them by the weight in hand. The genuine leather bag is much heavier than the microfiber bag.
  3. Smell: Genuine leather is made by animal skin, so it will have a peculiar smell, even a bit. And it will tend to a stimulating smell, if the formaldehyde, heavy metal exceeds bid in the process of making. The smell of the microfiber is less. But if it is low-end microfiber, there may be a stronger plastice smell.
  4. Property: Both of microfiber and genuine leather have good practical property. Microfiber may be more abrasive and genuine leather will be more comfortable and ventilate. Of course both of them can reach a certain amount of balance in comprehensive property.
  5. Draw Materials: Genuine leather is restricted by the size of animal skins and the content is uneven. But microfiber is more convenient, ant it has a stable quality and property.
  6. Price: Generally, genuine leather (full grain leather) would be more expensive than microfiber, and the price for it will change by the supply and demand. However, some of the top microfiber has the best technology, so it will be more expensive than genuine leather. And it is used in high-end applications.

When ordinary consumers is skeptical in which one is better, might as well put the question to : what property is our prefer? For example, if your attention is on wear-resisting degree, you can choose microfiber. If your attention is on air permeability, you can choose genuine leather. Of course, if you choose microfiber, you need to have a separate on the merits of it.

In one word, microfiber and genuine leather is very close on the conventional property and morphological structure. Wise see wisdom.