[Video]The First Competition of Belt Making Skills on August 31, 2013

Dongguan, China, August 31, 2013 / J.D. Leather Goods. As a belt manufacturer in China, Dongguan J.D. Leather Goods is working to improve the belt making skills, so we held up this competition at the end of August. The Competition items included: Typing, Packing Detail Making, Punching, Slitting, Bonding, Skin-shoveling, Sewing, Buckle-fixed, Painting and Packing. Want to know more about this belt making skills competition, check the video below.

The winner of every item of this competition is below:

Item The Winner
Typing Amily ZHANG
Packing Detail Making Amy SONG
Punching Yongfu DAI
Slitting Wenli LIN
Bonding Qian SONG
Skin-shoveling Wenli LIN
Sewing Yuping ZHENG
Buckle-fixed Yuping ZHENG
Painting Qianwen PENG
Packing Birong CHEN