Those Super Expensive Buckles

Belt is a very common accessory, but have you ever heard of those buckles were sold more than 80000 dollars? Let’s see those super expensive buckles.

  1. The first belt sells eighty- four thousand dollars, it made by designer Roland Iten with Swiss tabulation technology.
    The first buckle
  2. The second belt calls tabulation, it sells five hundred and fifty thousand dollars, is made by Geneva luxury brand Roland Iten production.
    The second buckle

First, let's compare the two style ‘s parameters:

# The First One The Second One
Price USD 84,000 USD 550,000
Assemblie Number More than 100 167
Other Feature
  • made from 18 carat pure platinum and titanium.
  • Surface with 387 square and round gems, a total of 14.15 carats.
  • Light weight titanium material.
  • Purely made by hand.

Although can't afford it, let's enjoy the photos.

Buckle Photo 2

The secend buckle design