The Origin of Eco-Leather

In the market, the origin of eco-Leather is environmental protection. Due to serious pollution, eco-leather has the meaning of being.


General concept: of eco-leather

  • Save energy

  • Use cleaner energy

  • Humanized management

  • Effluence not harmful to human beings and environment

  • Strict control on selection and application of chemicals.

  • End-product safety

  • By-product or disposed material possible to be recycled and easily degraded.

Raw materials:

  • Obtained reasonable way, not by bloody slaughter or not illegal.

  • Processing in the same place form origin of raw material whenever possible.

  • Optimum use of the material avoiding unnecessary wasting.

  • Good conservation, use economic and reasonable way.

Production plan:

  • Well arrangement of equipment.

  • Reasonable design of working formulation.

  • Water and energy usage, and internal transportation.

  • Effective working.

  • Clean and hygiene environment.

  • Perfect planning.

Marketing :

  • More efficiency resulting in better profit and quality.

  • Successful image in the market.

  • Good working atmosphere in the factory.

  • Showing responsibilities to the community.

  • Usually, consumers are more tolerant to qualities of green products