The 2014 First Fire Drill Are Carried Out in J.D. Leather Goods

April 24, 2014. For every factory, employee's safety is paramount. J.D. Leather Goods is a belt, wallet and other small leather goods factory, and in the production process of belts and wallets will using some of chemicals, which are flammable matter, so J.D. Leather Goods has the more fire safety needs of all staff attention. To this end, J.D. Leather Goods has carried out a full half-yearly fire drill.

Staff fleeing dorm building

The leader of the security team, Wande Chen, demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers.

One staff is using the fire extinguishers.

The fire drill is mainly about escape efficiency, emergency measures, and the use of fire-fighting equipment. J.D. Leather Goods will also ensure that every employee's safety in the production of belts and wallets etc., and have a safe working environment