Term Collection of Leather Raw Material & Production Technology

J.D. Leather Goods is a professional manufacturer of leather-related products. We need to know the meaning of terms when communicating with customers. So we collect and summarize terms in Chinese and English. Hope it will be helpful for all of us.

A leather material


alligator 鳄鱼皮也称为crocodile皮

antelope leather 羚羊皮革


buckskin 鹿绒皮

buffalo hides 水牛皮

buffalo hides, salted,wet 盐湿水牛皮

bullhide 公牛皮

butt-branded steers 臀部有烙印阉牛皮

butt leather 臀皮


cabreta 卡利大皮

calf leather 小牛皮

calfskin 小牛皮

calfskin, with the hair on, dyed 染色小牛皮

camel leather 骆驼皮革

cape skin 开普皮

carpincho 河马皮

cattle hide 大牛皮

cattle leather, dyed 染色牛皮

cattle leather,metallized 烫金属牛皮

cattle leather, patent 漆牛皮

chamois-dressed leather 油鞣皮(雪米皮)

chicago wet-salted hides 芝加哥湿盐皮

colorado steerhide 科罗拉多阉牛皮

cordovan 马臀皮

covers, file leather 公文夹用皮革

cowhide 母牛皮

cowhides, salted, wet 盐湿黄牛皮

crocodile leather 鳄鱼皮 


deer leather 鹿皮革

deerskin 鹿皮

deerskin, chamois-dressed 鹿皮

doeskin 羊绒皮

doeskin, chamois-dressed 油鞣牡鹿皮

dried 皮干


flesher 羊榔皮

fox fur skin, dressed 硝制狐皮

fox fur skin, dyed 染色狐皮

fur skins, tanned or dressed 鞣制或硝制毛皮


goat leather 山羊皮

goat leather, dyed 染色山羊皮

goat leather, metallized 烫金属山羊皮

goatskin 山羊皮

goatskin, dyed 染色山羊皮 


hairsheep 直毛羊皮---绵羊的毛呈直条波浪型头发一样

heavy cows 重量母牛皮

heavy native cows 重量无烙印母牛皮

heavy native heifers 重量无烙印小母牛皮

heavy native steers 重量无烙印阎牛皮

heifer 母童牛皮

hide 大件皮

hide, buffalo, dehaired, tanned 水牛皮

hide, cattle or cow, dehaired, tanned 牛皮(黄牛皮)

hide, ox, dehaired, tanned 牡牛皮

hide, steer, dehaired, tanned 牡犊皮

hide, zebra, dehaired, tanned 班玛皮

holster, pistol, leather 手枪皮套

horsehide 马皮

horse leather, dyed 烫金属马皮

horse leather, patent 漆马皮 


inner hide, cow and buffalo dried 黄牛, 水牛内皮 


kangaroo 袋鼠皮

kidskin skin 小羊皮


lambskin, chamois-dressed 油鞣仔羊皮

leather of sheep and lambskins 绵羊及仔绵羊皮

leather auxiliaries 皮革助剂

leather of goat and kidskins 山羊及仔山羊皮

leather sole 皮底

leather upper 皮面

leather, buffalo 水牛革

leather, calf, chrome-tanned colored and polished 铬鞣染色打光小牛皮

leather, cattle or cow 牛革

leather, crust, calf 硬小牛皮

leather, curried, calf 鞣制小牛皮

leather, kid skin 仔山羊皮

leather, ox 牡牛革

leather, sole, calf 制鞋底用小牛皮

leather, vamp, calf 制鞋面小牛皮

leather, horse or equine 马革

leather, mule 骡革

leather, steer 牡犊革

leather, zebra 斑马革

leopard fur skin, dressed 硝制豹皮

leopard fur skin, dyed 染色豹皮

light cows 轻量母牛皮

light native cows 轻量无烙印母牛/阉牛皮

lizard leather 蜥蜴皮

lizard skin 蜥蜴皮=蜥蜴类动物的皮 


marten fur skin, dressed 硝制貂皮

marten fur skin, dyed 染色貂皮

macha 摩卡皮

muntafac fur skin, dressed 硝制羌皮

muntafac fur skin, dyed 染色羌皮 


ostrich 鸵鸟皮


parchment-dressed leather 羊皮纸型熟皮

patent and metallized leather 漆皮及硬化剂

peccary 野猪皮

pelt 生毛皮

pheasant 鳗鱼皮

pickled hides 浸酸牛皮

pickled lamb pelts, run 浸酸羔羊皮

pigskin lining leather 猪里皮

pigskin upper leather 猪面皮

pigskin split leather 猪榔皮

pigskin 原料盐皮

pigskin nubuck upper leather 猪磨面皮

pigskins leather, tanned 加工猪皮

pony skin 小马皮

pony skin, dyed 染色小马皮 


Queensland hides 昆士兰皮


reconstituted and artificial leather containing leather or leather fiber 再生&人造皮革

release paper 离型纸


shark leather 鲨鱼皮

sharkskin 鲨鱼皮

shearling 毛羊皮

sheep and lambskins with the wool 带毛之绵羊及其羔羊皮

sheep and lambskins without the wool 不带毛之绵羊及其羔羊皮

sheep leather 绵羊皮

sheep leather, dyed 染色绵羊皮

sheep leather, metallized 烫金属绵羊皮

sheep leather, patent 漆绵羊皮

sheepskin 硝制绵羊皮

sheepskin, chamois-dressed 油鞣羊皮

sheepskin. with hair on, dyed 染色绵羊皮

skin 小件皮

skin, bird, with feathers removed, ranned 去毛加工之鸟皮

skin, rhinceros 犀牛皮

skiver 薄羊面皮

snakeskins, dried 干蛇皮

snakeskins, tanned 加工蛇皮

split leather 榔皮, 二层皮

steerhide 阉牛皮

suede 反毛皮

swine leather, dyed 染色猪皮

swine leather, enamelled 上釉猪皮

swine leather, metallized 烫金猪皮 


tanning auxiliaries 鞣革助剂

tanning extracts 鞣革剂

tassels, leather 皮革饰缝

tiger fur skin, dressed 硝制虎皮

titanium 钛白粉

trimmings, leather 皮制饰品


upper leather of cattle and calf 牛及小牛之面皮

upper leather of goat 山羊面皮

upper leather of kid 仔山羊