Safe and Economical Leather Production

All leather goods are made of leather, like handbag, wallet, belt, etc. By processing of leather, there are more or less usage of chemicals. Some chemicals may be harmful to man or environment. However, the tanners nowadays know already how to avoid using their chemicals. Even by using, they try their best to keep these chemical remains within limit by operating with correct formulations or rinsing thoroughly.
Safe and Economical Leather Production
Nowadays, we may say leather is a safe material to the users as well as to our environment.
All governments globally are serious in the use of restricted chemicals. They have a list of these chemicals and all are restricted and being controlled in application, so as our factory adopt leather. In leather industry the direction would be :

  1. By production of the chemicals, the process is harmful to the workers and environment.
  2. By applying these chemicals in leather processing, it is harmful to human being and environment.
  3. The effluent in leather processing will harm the environment.
    In the view of the universe, there is of course a huge topic to discuss eco-friendliness. However, in the eyes of leather consumers, we can only focus on the negative effects onto our body.
    Here are some points to illustrate:
  4. Light influence like unpleasant smell by variation of quality or molds or evaporating solvents.
    By close encounter causing temporary allergy of effects. There might be by free acid, solvents or free formaldehyde
    The more serious harm would be hurtful to human being by long period contact resulting is various disease or cancer especially to children or old people.
    Before using leather articles, our suggestion is to make sure the leather is from known sources. We can be sure the leather is safe. Repair and clean the leather articles in a mild way avoid using solvents or hazardous chemicals, treat leather in circumstance with good ventilation, clean and dry atmosphere. Avoid closing heat and moisture.
    Try to have more knowledge in leather and leather articles so as to use them in a mine of release.