PU/Artificial Leather is Not A Kind of Genuine Leather

In China, many people call PU material and synthetic material as PU Leather or artificial leather, which lead lots of foreigners to misunderstand PU/artificial leather as genuine leather. That has reason factly.

Because of history and language habits, China Leather Industry translated "合成革" as Synthetic Leather, PU Leather or Artificial Leather for a long time. However, this translation causes misunderstanding in international business. Recently, Chinese Leather Association continuously receives letters from some international associations and organizations like the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies (IULTCS) and the European Leather Union, they explained that the misunderstanding of the translation.


According to the IULTCS and the European Leather Union's Feedback, Synthetic Leather, PU Leather or Artificial Leather exists for a long time in Chinese media and Enterprise's relevant reports and illustrations made them think it as a kind of "Genuine Leather" product. In fact, it is just Synthetic Leather Material. The ULTCS and the European Leather Union appeal China Leather Industry respect English language usage and habit to unify new translation of Synthetic Material and PU Material.

"The translation of Synthetic Leather conforms to Chinese language habit and it is vivid, but considering English application environment and misunderstanding appeared in international trade, we suggest that Leather Industry should respect international appeal and use the new translation of Synthetic Material and PU Material." Said the vice chairman and secretary-general Su Chaoyin of Chinese Leather Association.

Later, you should know it is not genuine leather but PU or artificial leather while hearing PU material and synthetic material from Chinese.