Poor Belts' Common Problem

The belt we buy from stores are qualified products, but during the producing, factory would produce some defective products, today we will show you to look at the poor belts' common problem.

The stitching is not trim

The stitching is representative of an important aspect of the quality of the belt, and the bad stitching always appear in 2 cases:

  1. The stitching line is not straight. It should be straight, bend natural smooth, the margin and the distance between the holes of needle need to be consistent, to ensure that the overall effect is beautiful.
  2. The beginning and the ending part need overlap together. With double stitching about 3-4 needles, to ensure the stitching is stable as well as beautiful.
  3. The distance of needles need to be suitable, according to the different thread and technology, choose suitable distance, so that the visual effect is perfect. Of course, if customer make the detail requirement about the needle distance, we would follow customer's idea.

The painting edge problem

For some belt which need to combine the material together, especially for the faux leather belt, it always need to be painted edge. The problem will appear below 2 cases:

  1. Too much painted oil. When paint the belt edge, if cannot control well, the painted oil is too much and come out to the belt surface, it will have great influence on the overall visual effect.
  2. Rough painted edge. The edge should be smooth, so that it will let you hand feel good when use it, instead of scratch.

Punching problem

There are some holes need to punch on the belt, such as the tail hole etc., during punching, it will appear below problems:

  1. Skew holes. When punching, if the worker don’t put the belt on the correct position or cannot control well, the holes will not in the center of belt.
  2. The side of hole is not clean. If the punching tool is not enough sharp, the hole side will appear beard, not smooth and not clean etc.

The factory has strict requirements in production, and never let the bad product to the customer, QC team will also continue to strictly control the quality of each belt.

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