Leather Belt Vs Microfiber PU Belt

Many people like leather belts, people do not like PU belt for many reasons, but super fiber PU belt leather belt should make a lot of people like to fall in love with it.

A Microfiber PU Belt

As we all know, the reason why leather products widely welcomed by the people, because it is processed as a natural material, with many synthetic materials incomparable advantages, such as permeability, water vapor permeability, abrasion, folding and so on. But fortunately, the vigorous development of synthetic leather industry has brought us a surprise.

Microfiber PU synthetic leather is the emergence of the third generation of artificial leather. Its three-dimensional structure of the network of non-woven synthetic leather substrate creating a catch-up natural leather conditions. The product combines the newly developed structure having openings PU slurry dipping, the surface layer of the composite processing technology has played a huge surface area of microfiber absorbent and strong role in making ultra-fine grade PU synthetic leather having a bundle of ultrafine the natural leather collagen fibers inherent hygroscopic properties, and thus, whether from the internal microstructure, texture or appearance and physical properties and people wearing comfort, etc., can be comparable with the advanced natural leather. In addition, microfiber synthetic leather in chemical resistance, uniformity of mass, large-scale production and processing adaptability, waterproof, mildew degeneration is more than natural leather.

Perhaps the future will be a lot of people like to use super fiber PU leather belt, it is more environmentally friendly, more price advantage in a similar performance.