J.D. Cambodia Belt Factory Open for Business

We are glad to announce that J.D. Cambodia Belt Factory Open for Business!We are a professional belt manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer belt custom & OEM service for worldwide customers and have a professional design, development, manufacturing, and production capacity.

After the frequent complaints of the Chinese trading policies by the US president Donald Trump, the US did investigations into the Chinese trading policies. After the investigation, the US imposed tariffs worth Billions of dollars on China and China retaliated too. This has started a trade war betwixt the two countries. This has been almost the largest trade war in history as of now the world has ever seen. The trade war is affecting the economies of both countries

The US imposed duties up to 25% on various items ranging from belts to pieces of equipment for the railway while China has focused its duties on chemicals, medical equipment and coal. While the two countries are fighting this trade war, it’s the common citizens who are paying for it. The trade war has resulted in inflated prices which the consumers are finding hard to cope with.

Here at JD Belt Factory, we are deeply influenced by the struggles our consumers are facing due to this trade war. The belts have become expensive for our valuable customers which they find beyond their financial capacity to purchase. Therefore, to protect the interests of our valuable customers, we have set up another factory at Cambodia will start producing the belts which will be exported from there itself. This will result in cost-saving for our customers without the compromise in quality.

At J.D. Belt Factory, we always believe that quality is foremost and the satisfaction of our customer is the topmost priority. The factory at Cambodia will be producing the belts as good as the facility at China did without compromising even a bit on the quality of our products. In turn, this will be beneficial for our customers too as they will be able to get the same product at lower prices.

The love of our customers is itself justified by a lot of orders which we receive. More than 80% of our belts are Europe and America while we have customers from over 20 regions in the world which are increasing rapidly! Our Cambodia factory can provide the best products to our customers at low costs because Cambodia does not come in the trade war region. Also, we are able to produce our products for low costs because of low labour cost, low rent and by using the same material!

Exporting from China is way too expensive for our customers than from Cambodia due to the duties imposed by the US government. Therefore, our Cambodia factory will export goods because it will not be affected by the trade war between the two emerging economies. We use the finest instruments in the industry to produce our goods. Therefore, ensuring that our customers get the best quality for the best price!