How to Choose the Right Zipper for Leather Goods?

Leather goods hardly can not lack the zipper. Zipper like the leather should obey the applied and safety standards. Today there are a lot of zipper types and brands on the market, making us dazzling and confused, so how can we choose the right zipper for leather goods.

Leather goods Zipper

  1. Leather goods zipper safety tips
    In order to ensure the safety of leather goods zipper use, we not only need to control the chemical composition of zipper products but also have requirement on the metal parts, it is recommended to use injection upper stop and lower stop, and metal parts no sharp edges, etc, to avoid sharp angles damage and scratch our skin.
  2. Requirement for zipper component
    Because different countries and regions have not the same environmental and ecological requirements for the textiles, test methods are not the same, especially for azo, not including heavy metals, passing needle test and other aspects grade requirements vary widely, so the zipper procurement is best to indicate product export countries and regions, or directly put forward requirements for the zipper components
  3. Zip application object
    At the time of purchase, the purchaser is best to inform the zip manufacturer, what kind of products is the zipper used on, whether there are any special post-processing requirements for the product, ordinary washing or acidic enzyme washing, etc., so the zipper manufacturer can make appropriate adjustments for quality of the zipper and personalization requirements according to requirements of supporting products.
  4. Zipper length and allowable tolerance
    Meanings of zipper length are not the same in different zipper form because the zipper is a flexible fabric, there will be some expansion rate under external force. Therefore, when you buy and determine zipper size, you must consider this aspect.

Leather goods Zipper

In addition, 3#, 4# and 5# are the numbers of zippers, which is measured by the width after the zipper is closed. In simple terms, the higher the number, the thicker the zipper. Usually, the zipper on the jacket is 5#, 8 # and 10# are considered special zippers, which are very rugged, need to be specially customized, usually rare. Zippers on the pants referring to the 4# YG head zipper, the zipper head has a lock, especially the jeans and casual pants, relatively strong, usually metal teeth zipper wholesale. The vast majority of brand clothes will customize zipper card for the zippers on their clothes, usually in different styles, and are very detailed things.

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