How to Care Guitar Strap?

Most guitar Straps are made of ultra resilient automotive and furniture vinyl and are designed to be long lasting, durable, and easy to clean. Normal dirt or spills over time can easily be wiped off with a sponge and some soap and water.

Guitar starp

  • Fit Length
    Please see our video on guitar strap length, adjustment and use. At guitar, we make many of our straps about 3” longer than the average guitar strap at 63” keyhole to keyhole fully extended. We do also offer free factory custom shortening and adjustment of straps to anyone who purchases one and will return ship within the USA at our expense. As a result of multiple customer requests as of fall 2014 we’ve slowly begun creating slightly shorter straps at 63”, So some straps made or purchased before that may be slightly longer at 67”.
  • Durability
    Congratulations on purchasing your guitar Strap. Our customers report to us that their guitar Straps live a long, highly durable life and this fact makes them (and us) very happy:-) If you’re polite, and we’re in a good mood, we often guarantee workmanship for life on our straps.
  • Special care for rare and boutique guitar finishes
    Today most all factory made guitars are made with a variety of polyurethane finishes which tend to be long lasting and safe from leather and vinyl guitar straps. This includes our own beloved Rickenbacker 330, 90's American Fender Telecaster, 2000’s Jazzmaster, and current-decade Art & Lutherie, Yamaha, and Larrivee acoustics that has been using guitar Guitar Straps as far back as 1999.
    However, some vintage, small custom shop, and Gibson Guitars are finished with an extremely delicate nitrocellulose lacquer finish. As noted by, please store your nitro guitar unaccompanied in its case! Gibson and other sources note that these guitar finishes can be highly sensitive to everyday things including leather straps, sweat, cologne, alcohol, guitar stands and vinyl straps. We have tons of band mates and customers who have used their guitar Strap and Les Paul together for years. Just be mindful of the special care required for your nitro guitar by its manufacturer- store it in its case….alone. Now carry on with the rock.
  • Storing
    Your guitar Strap is pretty resilient. Other than keeping it out of the sun and not dropping it in an Idaho campfire at midnight there’s not much you need to know about storing your guitar Strap. It’s designed to last for years.
  • Strap Locks
    guitar Straps work well with most or all well-known strap locks including Dunlop, Mighty Might, Proline, Fender, and Schaller. If you plan to use Schaller Strap Locks please see our Blog on this by searching “guitar Guitar Straps strap locks” for different people’s opinions on the topic. Also please check our blog on Grolsch Strap Locks for the cheapest, simplest strap locks on earth!