Hadley Company Visited Our Factory on March 11

Mrs Amy, who is charge of Hadley (alternative name), visited J.D. Leather Goods on March 11, 2017 for sample and factory evaluation. Miss Ivy warmly received her and discussed the Eddie Bauer(an USA outdoorsman brand) in details.

Miss Ivy and Mrs Amy

Hadley Development is a trade company to design and manufacture for around the world. They are comprised of a diverse global team of designers, account managers, branding, sourcing and logistics experts all working in unison to make it count for our customers and brand partners.

Not long ago, Eddie Bauer found them for belt with high quality and need to be tested. For this project, Mrs Amy sought out J.D. through internet and contacted Ivy, the sales director of J.D, and determines the time of visiting J.D.

That day, Miss Ivy led Mrs Amy to factory. Mr. Daniel, who is general manager, grandly received her. First of all, they discussed the details of belt sample and visited the exhibition room and workshop. Mrs Amy was thinking on establishing business relationship, so she put forward the factory evaluation. J.D. will fully cooperate on factory evaluation.