Dressing agent in Vegetable-Tanned Leather Belt Hand-Dyeing

In the previous article (The Dyes of Belt Hand-Dyed), we introduced the dye used in vegetable-tanned leather belt hand-dyeing, here we will introduce some dressing agent in dyed process.

Leather Dressing

After leather dyeing, not only we need to maintain the belt colors frozen in time, but also to prevent the leather in contact with chemicals and water are not degenerate, then we need to use some dressing agent to protect it.

  1. Leather wax emulsion polishes: This polishes cannot form a film, not a strong retouching protective agent, but may be used as a dye.
  2. Leather emulsion: It can be used as leather light oil and agents for leather surface, formed on a flexible film capable of leather. When coated with leather emulsion, grease it is not easy to disappear in the leather, and the leather is not easy to make the skin cracks.
  3. Dye fixing agent: It looks like leather emulsion, and used for fixing oily dye, so that the dye is not easy to change color due to contact with air.
  4. Leather light oil: It generally divided into spray formula and canned formula, canned formula is mainly of mink oil-based, its mainly use for color fixer, polish, waterproof and anti-fouling, its usually the last protection processing of leather, the leather can be used after drying the emulsion applied.
  5. Leather edge lacquer: For leather edges exposed to the outside of the place, usable fine count cotton swab or a fine pen smear, and then wait a few minutes, after drying, milling device can be processed on edge at the same time, let the edges become smooth and shiny.